What Top Coaches are saying:

“The Flight Deck TOUR trains impact to be more solid and square. It’s so simple that it gets people to feel the crash or impact of a solid hit. I always have one in my bag.”
Stan Utley
Top Short Game Coach, PGA Tour Winner, Golf Digest America’s 50 Greatest Teachers.
“The Flight Deck TOUR is a simple yet effective way of seeing, feeling and practicing how to square the clubface while putting. Impact training for putting is pure genius!”
Erika Larkin, PGA
Golf Digest No. 1 Teacher in Virginia. Golf Magazine Top 100.
“Flight Deck is a perfect external cues tool that allows players to self organize two of the techniques I consider important in putting: Peak velocity at impact and Square line of compression to the target line at impact.”
Jong Hwan Choi
Director: Tour Putt Academy, #1 Putting Coach in Korea
"Flight Deck helps golfers feel what square impact feels like. A must have training aid that I highly recommend."
Stan Moore
Director: Academy of Putting, #1 Putting and Short Game Coach. South FL
"I strongly encourage my students to use the Flight Deck daily. It is one of the few tools on the market that allows for a student to own their acceleration profile and how much "hit" they add."
Ben Pellicani
Golf Digest Best in State and Best Young Teachers since 2016

Customer Reviews

"It’s such a great feedback device. Necessary for improvement."
Craig F.
"I got this training aid for my 10 year old daughter after seeing it online. The concept made sense and I’m always looking for things she can take to the golf course to practice affectively on her own. She uses it every day now and I can really see a difference in her putting stroke. "
Oswaldo S.
"Helps with correct alignment on the stroke."
Thomas S.
"The feel is instant. Nice teaching tool."
Steve F.
"Unbelievable training aid!"
Ryan S.
"Great service. Quick ship. After working with this for a week, I’m really seeing it help me square the putter face at impact. Great product."
Paul O.
"I wish I could use this on the course! "
Claude D.
"I have been working to get the ball started on line and a shorter follow through than my backswing. The Flight Deck Tour is helping me to accomplish both goals. The bumpers help to train a square face at impact and by stopping the putter head, it encourages solid contact with the golf ball."
David B.