Putting Impact Training

Welcome to Flight Deck Putting, the unique and newest training device to improve your putting!  An easy to use and effective way for you to improve and stabilize square impact position on putts. 

The resistance “correction” band and isometric impact block training help you develop a square face angle at impact.   The positive and immediate bio feedback makes training simple, fun and effective.  Think of it as “Fitness for your stroke”!

This type of training will help you quickly develop a consistently square face angle through the impact zone for more accurate putting.  Very simply, more made putts!

The Science of Putting Impact*

Face Angle vs Path: Research by Quintic Ball Roll and Sports BioMechanist, Dr. Paul Hurrion *

Quantifying the relative and conflicting effects of putter path and face angle on the direction and motion of the golf ball” – that was our goal in producing a research document based on our own extensive testing : Dr Paul Hurrion & Jim MacKay

Face or Path? The much more important of the two is putter face angle.  The breakdown is that approximately 92% of the ball’s initial direction is determined by FACE ANGLE AT IMPACT and only approximately 8% is a result of the path the putter is following!  Your Putter Face Angle at Impact is exactly what the Flight Deck is designed to improve!



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