The Flight Deck is an impact trainer for putting.  Impact feedback is delivered on whether square contact was made or not.

Perfectly square impact will feel solid with very little recoil and vibration. If not square, there is more vibration.

The Flight Deck helps you ingrain perfect impact position.  Perfect impact means more made putts!

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Instant Feedback

Delivers immediate tactile feedback on the quality of your putting impact. Enhance the muscle memory of consistently solid and square putts.


Impact Pads

Unique impact pads are perfectly positioned for precise impact. Better impact means better putting results.


Efficient Design

Our "Tour" model Flight Deck is just that, ready to tour anytime with you. It is compact, lightweight, easy to set up and stores easily in your golf bag.


Impact Position

Promotes square impact putter face angle position. Face angle at impact determines 93% of your start direction which is crucial to making more putts.

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