PGA Tour Putting Coach designed and developed

The Founder of the Flight Deck is PGA TOUR Putting Coach and 2011 MAPGA Teacher of the Year, Fran Rhoads.

“The idea for the Flight Deck came from my desire to improve putting impact. The quality of impact directly affects the result of the putt so improving it is crucial. The beauty of the Flight Deck is the simple design and function that provides immediate feel based feedback. I am proud of the “impact” Flight Deck has made to golfers around the world.”


The Flight Deck prototype was PGA TOUR tested at the 2018 Quicken Loans National, TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm. PGA TOUR players provided valuable feedback that we incorporated into the new design. Significant changes to the size and weight are hallmarks of the new Flight Deck “Tour” and “Tour Soft” models.

Top players and coaches know the importance of impact position and train with the Flight Deck Tour to improve it! Over 100 touring professionals on every major Golf Tour around the world use the Flight Deck.

Benefits of using the
Flight Deck

Since 2018

Designed To Perfect Your Putt

The Flight Deck Putting Impact Trainers are designed to improve putting alignment, contact, impact face angle, and overall stroke consistency, making it a valuable tool for golfers looking to enhance their putting performance

  1. It serves as a putting impact trainer, helping to enhance alignment, contact, and impact face angle.
  2. The two impact pads set perpendicular to the target line assist in landing the putter onto the ball, and both impact pads simultaneously provide immediate feedback to develop a consistently solid and square impact position.
  3. This aid also helps with distance control by stopping the follow-through, allowing golfers to focus on backstroke length and distance control.
  4. The Flight Deck Training aids are designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to store, making it convenient for both on-course and at-home practice.



The idea for Flight Deck emerged from PGA Coach Fran Rhoads's vision to revolutionize putting practice with immediate feedback on stroke quality.


Design & Production

Through rigorous research and testing, the team refined Flight Deck's design, focusing on simplicity, effectiveness, and user-friendliness for golfers of all levels.


PGA Tour Testing

The prototype was tested at the PGA TOUR Quicken Loans National, gathering critical feedback from top players to inform necessary design adjustments.


Final Adjustments

Incorporating PGA Tour feedback, the team fine-tuned the Flight Deck, optimizing its size and weight for the official launch of the Tour model.




Flight Deck can help your Putter Acceleration Profile

Testing with Top Coaches and Players discovered that the Flight Deck TOUR can improve putter acceleration profiles. When golfers see that the impact blocks will not allow acceleration through impact, they tend to:

  • Use enough back stroke.
  • Are smoother in transition.
  • Create the needed acceleration earlier vs later in the downstroke.
  • Are closer to a constant speed at impact without uncontrolled acceleration.

These benefits promote better speed control and accuracy since over acceleration at the wrong time (in the impact zone) leads to loss of speed and face angle control. The best putters arrive at impact at a constant speed to minimize risk of unnecessary face rotation and unpredictable speed changes of the putter head through impact.

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