Can I use the Flight Deck at Home Indoors?
YES!! The Flight Deck was originally designed for outdoor use and we are excited to introduce the indoor solution for Flight Deck! Train indoors anytime with our new indoor BASE adapter! The BASE works together with the Flight Deck TOUR which is inserted into it.
What is the diffence between the Flight Deck TOUR and TOUR Soft?
Flight Deck TOUR and TOUR  Soft feature different style impact pads.  The TOUR has firmer neoprene firmer pads for maximum feedback and the TOUR Soft has high tech softer Sorbothane pads.  Sorbothane provides a softer impact feel, less vibration and is preferred by some Tour Players while some prefer the firm pads, its really a personal choice!  The soft impact pads still provide putter face angle feedback to the player and are gentler on your putter making it ideal for both short and mid range distances up to 30 feet.  
Will the Flight Deck help me with my “Yips”?
Absolutely! One of the major causes of the “Yips” is fear and over acceleration at impact. The Flight Deck helps overcome this fear by improving and enhancing the feel of solid and square impact with each stroke made against the impact pads. Also, when golfers see they cannot follow through the impact pads, they realize they must take a longer backstroke and gain momentum prior to impact. Many golfers yip putts because they accelerate at impact while the best players are coasting into impact.
Is the Flight Deck used only for Short Putts?
NO! Flight Deck can be used for short and medium length putts too! With our two models, the TOUR and TOUR SOFT you can work on putts ranging from 3 to 30 feet. Our original TOUR with firmer impact pads gives more feedback on shorter putts and is recommended from inside of 10 feet. The TOUR SOFT absorbs more impact vibration and is recommended for longer putts up to 30 feet. The longer strokes with more speed are absorbed softer into the sorbothane pads. Some top players we tested with enjoy the TOUR Soft from any distance. Working longer distances of 15 to 30 feet is beneficial to learning the correct length of backstroke and momentum needed to control distances.
Why did you name it the “Flight Deck”?
The best players “Land” their putter on the ball at impact. This style can best be described as a jet landing vs taking off. You will notice that most top players use a longer back stroke to shorter follow through motion. The putter is in better control when coasting vs accelerating into the ball. This method results in better control of both speed and accuracy.
When should I use the Flight Deck?
Anytime you like! With its compact and lightweight design, you can store it with you in your golf bag. Easy to set it up for a pre-round quick check up before heading to the course. Use it post round or anytime for more intensive training. Additionally, you can now set up an indoor station at home with our new Flight Deck BASE and practice anytime!